Lighting Your Home

By pwsadmin / November 17, 2020 /

Proper lighting in your home is as important, if not more so than accessorizing. The proper use of lighting enhances, creates a mood and provides comfort and drama for any space. Consider these factors, the size of your room, how you use the room and the look you want. If the room has dark walls…

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The Effects and Perceptions of Color

By pwsadmin / September 13, 2020 /

Cool colors are greens, blue-greens and blues, the coolness of water, whether still or flowing in a water display. Cool colors appear further away, a wall will appear to recede. The more saturated the color is, the more intense it is. For instance, new parents might want to paint their new son’s room blue; so…

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By pwsadmin / May 21, 2020 /

GOOD DESIGN TAKES TIME But, it’s worth the investment. You’ll end up with a higher quality product, often saving money and avoiding re-dos and change orders. There’s a common misconception people have about working with an interior designer. That misconception is the time it takes to complete their project. HGTV, for instance, while offering many…

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